Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bellyache Records - Sweet Sounds of Detroit - Vol. 2 - Coming Soon

Limited copies available today at the DIY Street Fair - Troy and Woodward, in Ferndale

Besides playing bass and guitar for the Grande Nationals and Troy Greogry's current ensemble, Scotty Hagen also runs one of the more inventive and rewarding local labels in Michigan - built around the Bellyache Candy Shoppe - Bellyache Records has already released two stalwart compilations in recent years, (along with material by the Go, Scarlet Oaks and forthcoming Swamp Sisters).

The Sweet Sounds of Detroit Vol. 1 back in 2006, captured the the city's musicians at the time of garage rock's gloaming when electro-pop, new wave and punk were becoming more accentuated; Ghoul's Delight in late 07, was an engaging, theatric affair, full of nostalgic reverence for those breathless Halloween runs through the neighborhood, dodging Frankenstein's and Wolfman's, mashing like monsters and watching House on Haunted Hill -

Now, Bellyache has returned with the Sweet Sounds Vol. 2 - available for pre-order at the Bellyache site - and coming to stores on September 30.

Here's a taste - compliments of Electric Fire Babies - "Sugar Cube Castle"

Sugar Cube Castle by Electric Fire Babies

What you'll get on Volume 2:

1. The Meltdowns - "Sweet Tart"
2. The Pop Project - "The Candy Song Redux"
3. Molly Jean - "Cinnamon Swirl"
4. Swamp Sisters - "Mountain Doo Wop"
5. Mitch & The Shivering Toothaches - "Candy In The Morning (Candy At Night)"
6. Electric Fire Babies - "Sugar Cube Castle"
7. The Dial Tones - "Melt In Your Mouth"
8. Lonely Wives - "Candy Habit Blues"
9. Woodman - "5-Second Rule"
10. Gorevette - "Candy Man" (Original Version)
11. Silverghost - "Life In Lemonade World"
12. Carjack - "Black Licorice"
13. Best Idea Ever - "Beans"
14. Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers - "Good 'N' Plenty"
15. Professor Schmiddy - "The Bottle Cap Twist"
16. Elle & The Fonts - "Buy Your Love (Candy Shop)"
17. The Sights - "Ain't A Treat"
18. paper white - "Gingerbread House"

more info - Bellyache

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