Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nurturing Noise

...There is the day
and then the night...

When we're as good as sleeping
...and then when we are running, voracious!

Day-dreaming and night-screaming

hurting our brains with thrums of white noise (staff meetings, news-radio, sports scores and bank statements)
...and then healing our ears with drones of thrust timbres, screeching.....melodious

making our own nurturing noise.

The escape -into music, into the night. Said-night.
The day, then, letting out, yours' mine and our...volumes
            going up

The appeal of dropping out. Marching to freak beats.
Sounds that shatter, lines that smear.
The very, VERY-least passive of art forms
the one that demands, forces your participation

Cathartic kicks, beats to the chest, choruses stuck to the brain - nurturing noise to the ears.
Hooked. Pushed. And, in and out -in four minutes flat.
2-3-4- GO

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