Monday, June 4, 2012

That Summer Feeling

How's your summer starting off? Hopefully well... And, if not yet, ^that's a pretty good jam for your musing, muggy night drives. Synth sublimity - with Andrew Remdenok by-way-of Ice Cold Chrissy (Coyote Clean-Up). 

Got a minute?

And then there's this... The video is a bit disturbing. But, in less-than-about two-weeks' time (come June 21st), your ears will forgive what your eyes had to endure:

But even then, if you think vomit-splashed babies making kissy faces at you is disturbing, you should ready yourself for what this rap duo throws your way in a few months time^ -that being a music video directed by local filmmaker Colin Duerr, a specialist in the audacious/upsetting/surrealist aesthetic (as proved by past works).

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