Friday, December 7, 2012

12 for 12: Dozen faves from 2012

I'm Tom Matich and here are some of my favorite albums/songs I liked this year.
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Schoolboy Q  
Habits & Contradictions

If you like Kendrick Lamar, check out Schoolboy Q. Guest spots from Lamar plus A.S.A.P. Rocky. Killer beats. Sort of a Too $hort meets Eazy E vibe. Gangster pimp trick all the way. 

Information Retrieved

First new album from Rob Crow and Zach Smith since 2007. Beautifully composed, perhaps their most harmonic and focused offering yet.

Bombay Bicycyle Club  
A Different Kind of Fix

Mellow indie pop from across the pond. A pleasant surprise discovery I owe to Anne Delisi.

Kanye West featuring Big Sean, Pusha T & 2Chainz

For pretending like your economic sedan is an exotic Italian sports car this past summer.

Cat Power

Bitch on the edge. Or the bitch is back. Either way, stellar. Meow.

Matthew Dear

At times, this reminds me of Violator era Depeche Mode or the Detroit Techno Fest.
 "Temptation" is a masterpiece.

Twin Shadow
 "Five Seconds"

Cinematic soundtrack to hipster summer love or heartache.

George Michael
"Freedom! '90"

This song is not from 2012. But, it's brilliant and I was hooked on it this year. George Michael's voice is so versatile, the lyrics are completely open-ended. It's epic. Plus, you can dance to it.

Hot Chip
In Our Heads

Another solid album from Hot Chip, more straightforward and back to their roots, with emphasis on
songwriting meant to reach the masses (i.e. "Don't Deny your Heart").

Rufus Wainwright
"Out of the Game"

The best song Rufus has ever done. Thank you, Mark Ronson for maximizing this guy's potential. This song should've made Rufus as popular as Elton John was in the '70's. Alas.

 Bear In Heaven
 I Love You, It's Cool

My favorite fuzzy synthesizers and guitars record. Romantic sorta.

 Kendrick Lamar featuring Dr. Dre
"The Recipe"

The 2012 version of "California Love," I guess. 


Jen David said...

What's up with calling Cat Power a bitch?

TMM said...

i don't know, bitch is a female dog and she is a cat. i was only joking. and sorta randomly referencing elton john.