Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thaw Sounds: Squids, Cavemen, Irrelephants and more

Spring Training would have started this week.

By that, I mean The Blowout... The week when, normally, our bodies are usually gearing up for treacherous traversing of Hamtramck's icy back-roads, flanked with parking on both sides of those one-way streets; our Converse-footed cavalcades nervously checking their smartphone clocks and their uploaded schedule preferences to make sure they see who they want to see, make sure they get from one side of town to the other, in time...

But hold off. Settle back down. Those invigorating, giddy, disorienting stresses shant be rattling through you until the end of April, now.  

But, characteristic to Detroit, there's no dearth of decent, dynamic and straight-up disordered concert-type ceremonies trundling the undergrounds, basements & storefronts... or sashaying under shinier lights with sweeter soundsystems in the bigger theatres. 

It's only a matter of time... Blowout will be "back" but bigger... That much is for sure. Not that I need to spin off on some flowery dissertation celebrating, with healthy spatulas of sentimental/philosophical scenesterisms - We had enough of that on this blog in 2010. 

Let's look to the very near future:  

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