Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ripe•people by Silent Lions

Silent LionsDetroit b/w/o Toledo duo Silent Lions are testing the Twitterati attention spans with their newest, a fuzz-mucked, fire-charged freak-funk jam called "ripe•people" --

There may only be two of them, but you could never call them minimalists (look at all the shit they're packing with them on their forthcoming midwest tour: sax, fx-boards, synthesizers, bass, drum-kit, sampler...)- thus, they fittingly go just as big on this track, giving you get an eight minute jitter-jaunt of avant-garde garage-punk sprung disrputively into space-rock territories. (Say, the "territory" traversed in this video kinda looks  like Woodbridge).

They'll be back "home" on June 14th - but more on that, later. Have a great Wednesday, everybody.

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