Friday, December 27, 2013

a Gypsy Chorus and some Cavemen

It's (almost) Saturday and you might be in need of some more celebratory noise, some punk-splashed plastic cups of egg-nog and some tumultuous tidings of good cheer...
Who better to deliver -than Caveman Woodman?

Actually, Woodman (pictured above, Left,) will be inviting his musically-gifted family members onto the stage for a more traditional, er, less primal... recital of rock tunes - with Bam Bam Moss (aka Brandon Moss of Bars of Gold) on drums. 


And a few days after that... If you're in need of a destination for your New Year's Reverie, a place to push the old away and reel in the new... why not The New Way Bar, in Ferndale?
That's where George Morris & The Gypsy Chorus will be hosting an end of the year blow-out. Well, it's intended to be a blow-out... It's dependent, possibly, on you, whether it gets that exuberant enough -to warrant formal blow-out status!

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