Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tunde Olaniran - Brown Boy (Remix EP)

Taking a listen, specifically, to Jon Zott's remix as he explores/re-mixes/re-imagines the new single from Tunde Olaniran: "Black Boy" (Released this month on Michigan-label Quite Scientific)

That one could reinterpret Tunde's works in a multitude of ways speaks to the multitude of styles surging through the artist's essence - Even more fitting that a song lyrically defying conceptions of identity and evading quantification be sliced up and respooled four different ways.

Zott's got a cool take. There's some early 80's synth-pop and an eerie bubbling of krautrock shuffling through Zott's grooving remix - shifting the pitch of Tunde's voice to lower registers to match the dark bass and woozily slithering effects, atop a tight, marching beat that could easily start a dance party, paring back the more caustic, tribal-techno pound of the original for a smoother slide.
the works of Tunde speaks to the inherent multitudes

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