Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hamtramck Music Fest 2018 SCHEDULE

Earlier in the week, the official lineup for the 5th Annual Hamtramck Music Fest was announced. Things are set to kick off on Thurs., March 1, with three full nights of music, and some special wrap-up events on Sunday, hosted throughout the city of Hamtramck by several unique bars, venues, restaurants and shops.

This expansive lineup is comprised exclusively of Detroit and Metro-area music artists. HMF enlivens the community of Hamtramck by inviting invididual audience members to hop from venue to venue throughout each night, eitehr by foot, or shuttle (or by car), encountering a unique lineup of 3-4 bands inside each respective building, with measuredly staggered set-times.  You can plot your course by seeing bands that you already count among your favorites, or you can assign yourself a more adventurous schedule and hit up every set time that features a band you haven't yet seen, or heard of yet... I recommend the latter.

Carjack, at Kelly's Bar, during Hamtramck Music Festival, 2016

More than 180 bands will be spread across 20 venues, and a $10 wristband will provide you all-access to three nights of live music. Organized and facilitated by a crew of volunteer music lovers, HMF picked up a veritable torch from the Metro Times Blowout festival, essentially refocusing and rebooting that initial event's design, and shifting a lot more of the emphasis toward the enrichment of the Hamtramck community. Much of the primary focus is celebrating music made here in Michigan and fostering a sense of community amid the participating musicians. HMF states that it strives to provide a safe, diverse, and enjoyable festival for all. And you can find more updates via its Facebook page, as we get nearer to the dates of March 1st - March 4th.

Enough talk
Here's the official schedule

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