Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kit Oh Nine / Fri-Det & Fri-A2 / A Whole Buncha Rap

Some thing I'm digging through, Internet-wise, this weekend....

Former metro-area musician Ryan Milligan, from locals like the Hotwalls and early incarnations of Duende, alligned with Graham Pawluk of Ancourage and Nathan Lelandais-Miller (also of the Hotwalls) to develop a batch of his songs that strayed a bit further into feedback heavy noise-pop - the result of which: KON! LP -an album title acting as acronym for the trio's new group Kit Oh Nein - recorded wtih  Eric Hoegemeyer at Rust Belt studios in Royal Oak.

These songs are up and highly charged, most of them in and out in two minutes or less; dazzling statcy-snow-sprays of distortion, weaving toe-tapping, strummy indie-pop songs out of strands of dissonant yarn. There's hints of ambient-space-rock simmering at the sides, spilling in during the drifty/droney b-section of their quasi-theme-song ("Cloud Nein"), where the vocals intertwine with the humming synth and guitar-reverb, the delay pedals affecting their best dreamy disorientation. We can hear splashes of strutting glam-rock here and there, but things are never far from keying-back up to a rattling rock n roll kick...

I find this track particularly exemplary and highly sample-able:

But this is the particular personal favorite:

Milligan might be calling NYC home these days, but that hasn't kept him from continuing his work with the hopefully locals can see a live version of these songs some day/time soon... Find more songs here - (cassette, vinyl and CD versions are out there, though...or, at least, on the way)
Make sure you're Friday's are properly planned, whether you're in Detroit, or Ann Arbor,

But...two weeks from now, there's what's been dubbed "A Whole Buncha' Rap..." ...happening at the Old Miami (Feb 18) - And, indeed, the line up's packed - DC-fav's Ben Miles and Eddie Logix will do a set, as will notables like Magnum Opus and Hugo Biggs / Chozen Few /  and Scav D facilitating the wheels of steel.
MC Warren Peace rounds out this line up - a rapper distinguished by his conscious-heavy, world-weary raps that delicately toe the line of social commentary and dazzle with their literate word play (the dude's also an 8th-grade spanish teacher). He's got a new album coming eventually -a follow-up to his debut EP From Detroit to Darabougou - but this writer was asked not to stream any of the newness, as of yet - Instead, familiarize yourself with this track, as it'll likely be made into a video fairly soon.
Bolstered by the beats of Mr. Eddie Logix.

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