Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back Into The (Pop) Workforce

Casimer Pascal - glorious balladeer of the ignored, composer of elegant and dazzling chamber-pop parades, assures us that-  -though his beloved band of classy experimentalists and radiant pop-deconstrucionists, Pas/Cal, have, themselves, deconstructed and disbanded, and though he's singing songs about feeling retired, - -the good time will come, yet.

Three songs into his newest venture with nephew Vincent Casimir, it seems that, though Detroit lost him to Chicago three years ago, old friends can take heart that our still-appreciated satellite west of that westerly Great Lake is, you might say, at it again and hitting a stride.  

Leaving behind the surrealist sun-rays and day-dreamy acoustic-based pop cascades of his (as of yet-) piece de resistance, I Was Raised On Mattew, Mark, Luke and Laura, this pair drifts and ponderously orbits through a blend of funky dance-pop and fuzzy synth's coo as welcomed as the cleansing, delicate plod of an early spring's foggy mist, dew drops at your earlobes and the evocative dryness at the back of your throat as you drink in these sublime lyrical ruminations on wine and curious metaphorical musings on the travails of parenthood.  {click here to dig the cover art by former Pas/Cal-ian and current Berlin Zookeeper Trevor Naud).

Intriguing and welcomed... We'll see (and hear) what happens next, I suppose.

~~~ }{ ~~~
While you're still here...
Let me just proclaim a little thing on local music...
800-Beloved songwriter Sean Lynch made one of my favorite locally and/or - Detroit-based albums of, well, potentially the last decade, if not last-5-years - Everything Purple. Well, now, heck - probably just one of my favorite albums - let's leave local out of it.

And then, not long after......they broke up

But, then... there might be some sort of resurrection, or, evolution, what-have-you... No body knows for sure.

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Casimer said...

As a member of the duo, Casimer&Casimir, I am obviously a big fan. Thank you, Milo.