Thursday, April 19, 2012

Record Store Day Rap Up

Have you gotten your proper dose of local rap yet today?

If not... slide up for a slice of bread, compliments of eccentric EmCee Doc Illingsworth - (one part of rap-trio Detroit CYDI) who, just a month ago, put out a solo album documenting his faithful leap into the world of being an independent musician. The first thing he learned was that, from now on, he'd have to subside on a staggeringly humble diet... what you can win! And some fuzzed-out Nintendo-tinged synths and punchy, ambling beats...

Part of the New Weird -in Detroit hip-hop, Illingsworth is cut from the crew who rapped about ringtones and binary code. And now he's tackling pancakes...pretzels...and a bit of his take on the history-and-future-of rap. It's something like the opening entries of a charmingly satirical diary at the dawn of new-independence for a musician - come get a view of things from Doc's perspective.

But ALSO- Single Barrel Detroit are back to their local-cutlure-documentarian-ways - this time framing hip-hop quartet Clear Soul Forces down at Hello Records, down at Trumbull and Bagley. This is a trailer for a full SBD show featuring a performance by the group who were also recently pegged by Red Bull Soundstage series as Detroit's next "rising hip-hop" act. For your listening pleasure, or to get an introductory sampling, head to CSF's bandcamp to hear "Detroit Revolution(s)" -from the album that came out at the start of this spring.

CLEAR SOUL FORCES: Record Store Day Trailer from SINGLE . BARREL . DETROIT on Vimeo.

This is part of SBD's partnership with Detroit Ca$h Mob -in attempt to help "direct traffic" -the vinyl enthusiasts out there- to their nearest record shops. For more info, check with SBD.

But, then...also...
Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - the songwriting duo, Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein, a duo synonymous throughout the city's indie/underground-pop/rock community as being the exemplary "break-out" band of the moment, have been receiving some warm receptions throughout the hipsto-bloggosphere and other various pockets of InternetWorld, but today, to prop their Apr. 21 performance at the Majestic Theatre (w/Phantasmagoria and the Hard Lessons), there's a piece inside the Detroit Free Press documenting the behind the scenes production of their new music video, for It's a Corporate World single, "We Almost Lost Detroit," a sunnier-synth and funk-flared cover of a Gil Scott-Heron song. 

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