Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Javelins (new 7") 9-20 (in Ferndale)

Javelins ....are back ? Did they ever really leave (...your hearts, your minds?) Do you remember them at all? Are you incensed that it took them this long to get the band back and going again, with a new release? Where do you land on the whole Javelins thing?

See, I could tell you that they attained renown, particularly around 08-09 and into 2010 - with their nifty, nervy stoking of post-punk's elbow-snapping, neck-whipping rhythms and space-rock's slathering of UFO-gurgled guitar effects upon subtle-and-substantial solo shreds. (The bass was pretty groovy, to boot).

But, maybe you should just listen to their new stuff - coming out this Friday on Suburban Sprawl.

9/20 @ The Loving Touch ~ with Haunted House - and Psalm9pm

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