Saturday, September 14, 2013

Khaleesi: Odd Hours - 9/28 @ Loving Touch

Odd Hours started out as a trio mutating rock, post-techno and power-pop into a more calloused creature, with a snaky, sharp and enticingly sinister-sound. But now, with a new bassist (Clint Stuart) and a new drummer (Randy Hanley Jr), the founding-guitarist Tim Jagielo says they’ve gotten far from any kind of stripped-down, trashy garage rock thing and have turned into a “bigger, louder, meaner, darker, dirtier version of itself.”

Odd Hours diverges from your normal conception of “a band,” because they’re also essentially the flagship group for Gold House Media, the Detroit-based video-production house co-managed by its lead singer, Natasha Beste.

Gold House co-manager Kevin Eckert directed the video for their forthcoming single, “Khaleesi,” a royal freak-out of a gold-clawed fever dream, dressing Beste in an elegant white dress and gold stilettos upon a 7”-high throne. 

“My looks were flawless,” Beste says, complimenting the collaborative vision and design of stylist/creative-director Tunde Olaniran, with costumer Christina Tomlinson. Sculptor Tim Whitehead helped design their set, while Summerset Salon & Day Spa provided make-up for their starkly sublime aesthetic.

“Tim’s usually in his underwear when we perform,” Beste says, “but this time he had to wear a thong and be covered in make-up, head-to-toe and the whole crew just made it happen like no big deal.”

“Let's just pretend Khaleesi’s an actual word and not made up for ‘Queen’ by the creator of a popular fantasy series show,” says Beste, “becauseI didn't know it was made up when I titled the song, "Khaleesi" means "queen" and our song is about feeling powerful and confident and wanting to be in full control, then realizing that having full control is not the best thing.”

Beste says inspiration spanned: “wanting power but also wanting praise..." while also reflecting the unique relationship she shares with Jagielo, as a creative collaboration - while writing/recording and performing.
"(Tim) lets me do what I want, but is always very aware of everything and keeps me grounded. He's the structure and I'm more emotional."

There's also elements from "...the 90's punk/Americana look of the artist Ssion, the dark look of the black dance scene from the 80's movie Legend.” Lakes, fires, thrones…and homages to the 90's "Americana-punk" look

Should be interesting. 

Eckert directs the narrative through a lake and fire, into the "black room" and finally into the "gold room." 

Olaniran and Beste wanted wanted to create something luxurious but at the same time, cold and gothic. 

Beste says she feels spoiled with the amount of talented and professional people she's able to work with on projects like "Khaleesi."

"Tunde and I have worked on several video projects together and it always leaves us with a huge satisfied and happy feeling of accomplishment. And having Kevin be in control of everything technical allows me to just focus on the performing side. Working with them is an amazing experience, it's motivating and energizing."

Their tentative release date of the video is December 6th... Stay tuned.

In the meantime
Sept 28th at Loving Touch: Odd Hours- with Paperhaus (DC) and Lord Scrummage

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