Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Goal?

My goal is to find out everyone else’s goal. 

That's what I caught myself saying, outloud, just last night... Summing up my own story, so to speak. 

What does a goal like that lead to? Illumination without revelation? Do I risk tilling a swath of trends in these goals, thus cluttering the scope of my regard and obfuscating the definitive conclusion, the answer, the story?


Every gathering, show, performance, exhibition, concert, reading, every production, promotional event, festival, it all breathlessly ventilates sighs of hope, a sad hope, a sincere hope, just a hope, that something comes of this, that a wave crests, that something breaks through, that it hits, strikes a tone…leads somewhere.

Or is it just another gig.

What does it lead to? 

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