Friday, January 24, 2014

Wild Things: Ingenious Sub-genius

I wanted to find an image or a video that could succinctly communicate the uninhibited, unleashed hyper-evolved weirdness celebrated by the Detroit Subgenius Thing next week...

This might work...

Barefoot in the windpipe-coughed wilderness of Detroit, using your stringed scepter and ceremonial drum to do an acid-rain dance... Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss - pure and raw and raw and pure - a Hulk-like flex focused into three-chord glory and stripped-kit kickers. 

But then there's the Amino Acids and there's Carjack. Behind their masks are minds keen on the inherent energy and imagination required to render a properly baffling rock-show - be it surf-punk from Saturn or spaced-out-garage-boogie from Pluto - 

While The Disinformants and All The Wild Children hold down the psychedelic-soul side of things, shredded into a metallic salad of varying grades of avant-garde indie-rock flavors.

Downtown Brown, for crying out loud!

There's a time and a place for "Johnny B. Goode" and all that poppy Beatles stuff, there's a time and a place for catchy "Born To Run" ballads...
But it is not this time.

This show is a reminder:
Rock should be...can be...and needs to be...
Almost frightening.
...........But not savage.... Not regressive... Not primitive...
Just pure.
And weird.
And loud.

FEB 1ST    SMALL'S     9PM 

CARJACK - Theme 2013 (Music Video) from Mike Rozman on Vimeo.

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