Monday, November 16, 2015

Echo Fest VI - Saturday

Limited 3D posters available at ECHO FEST VI
When I first interviewed Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor seven years ago, they admitted feeling a bit outside of "...the scene." At that point, things like pop, hip-hop and garage-rock had a bit more magnetism because those are inherently more popped-and-kicking kinda music.

The Sisters were making something more psychedelic, sludgier, dissonant. It wasn't shoegaze, but it wasn't wasn't druggy metal and it wasn't dream-pop... It was somewhere in a nebulous middle-ground. Seven years later, they've found a burgeoning batch of bands subscribing to the same mindset of defying genre-boundaries. And, seven years later, they're now celebrating the sixth occasion of gathering these bands in one room and under one roof for ECHO FEST. The 6th installment of this local music festival is this Saturday in Ferndale.

The lineup of bands each demonstrate unique sensibilities for applying decorous effects (echo, delay, reverb, distortion, fuzz...) to their sublime and evocative blends of guitar-based adventurism. So, what began as a means of making their own "scene," has blossomed into a new community of bands and fans... 

Check it out.... attendees are promised 3D visuals, fuzzed out guitars, and " much delay that time travel may become possible..."

Saturday -- The Loving Touch -- (22634 Woodward, Ferndale), 5:30 pm / $12

--- Red Stage ---
12am - Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor
11pm - Heaven's Gateway Drugs
10pm - Electric Retro Spectrum
9pm - Killer Moon
8pm - 800Beloved
7pm - Isles of ESP
6pm - Senna Rise
---Blue Stage ---
12:45am - Mexican Knives
11:30pm - Heaters
10:30pm - Moonwalks
9:30pm - Oblisk
8:30pm - Friends of Dennis Wilson
7:30pm - Duende!
6:30pm - The Red Plastic Buddha
Live 3D visuals by Waynewoodward

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