Friday, January 29, 2016

The Walking Beat

Walking Beat didn't exactly get off to a running start... But, I've always been rooting for this band, so I'm quite glad to see them poised in the ready blocks, now, seemingly set to sprint down the track for 2016... That said, this proper "debut" full length has been a long time coming.

You can hear a song (below) and see the Detroit quartet live at PJ's Lager House on Feb 27, with Colorwheel

The Walking Beat started four years ago, performing consistently throughout the years at gigs in Detroit and releasing a handful of singles. They kinda went dark for a bit there, but McFevers was busy getting married, renovating his house, doing life-stuff, you know how it goes...

Introducing, by the Walking Beat, will have its official release party at the end of February (at PJ's Lager House).

Lead singer/guitarist Steven McFever wanted to move away from some of the woodsy/Americana-twangs of his recent project, Scarlet Oaks, and find a happy, melody-centric, toe-tapping middle ground of pop/rock, a bit more Big Star than Uncle Tupelo.

But the winning distinction for Walking Beat lies in its eclectic ensemble. Each of its current players are free (and encouraged) to bring their own signature styles to the table, informed by pasts invariably including punk, blues, garage and a refined pop/rock. With Joe Lavis (bass), Danny Kanka (drums) and Jon Berz (on keys), the recordings also feature guest vocals from Kara Dupuy-McCauley. The result is a bracing, buoyant composite of twanged out revelries, boot-stomping rock, piano-bar-blues-belting and some quality, nostalgia-itch-scratching college-rock-riffage. It's a music that's got its collar undone, maybe one strand of shoelace is loose, too busy running or dancing to care but carried with panache all the while to affect a ruffled charisma.

Listen at:

The Walking Beat

Then...They're on the lineup for the Hamtramck Music Festival Kickoff Party, March 3 at the Fowling Warehouse. 

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