Monday, December 8, 2008

Jurassic Park - starring: Child Bite

Current exhibition at the MOCAD, "Broadcast,"curated by Irene Hofmann, co-organized by iCI, New York, and the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, -highlights the artist's struggle against communications regulations and the (sometimes guerilla) manipulation of the airwaves. Joining in on the experiment (through broadcasts emitted from station 104.9 FM, local shambolic-pop quintet Child Bite will get the airwaves for 6 do whatever they want...

Guitarist Zach Norton said, "Suburban Sprawl was already planning their radio activities for the Broadcast exhibition when Ben from MOCAD asked us to do a day of our own. Daniel suggested doing some Lone Ranger episodes from old timey radio, complete with wood block horse hoof sounds and cap gun sound effects. Our appreciation for modern culture and the six hour time block we had agreed to, led us to brainstorming other shows or films we could perform. The Jurassic Park trilogy came up, and we all thought it was perfect. All of us agreeing on something is pretty rare, so it was decided pretty quickly."

With the art space open to a curious public from 12pm - 6pm, the band will perform live, in the vein of classic 30's radio theatre and serials. While Laura Dern's Child Bite doppleganger is yet to be detrmined, its confirmed that bassist Sean Clancey has called Jeff Goldblum. "The tagline for our performance would be the same as the original tagline for the movie, because our intention is to faithfully recreate the films. You know, as best as four dudes and some friends, can recreate several multimillion-dollar, feature films on a new medium in one day.

"An Adventure 65 Million Years In The Making." I think that sums it up," said Norton. "If we had to change it, maybe we'd say "A 15-year-old Adventure remade, with 2 or 3 weeks planning."

While researching for the project, the band discovered that, in fact, a fourth made-for-TV Jurassic Park film is in the works. "We're just honored to make ourselves part of the storied JP tradition..."

Saturday, Dec. 13th, 12noon - MOCAD


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