Tuesday, December 30, 2008

___ of the Year list: (featuring Child Bite: Mad Scientists of the Year)

In this week's Real Detroit, you can find numerous different year-end awards: Artist of the Year, etc... more info - here

one example...
Real Detroit named local quintet Child Bite - 'Mad Scientists of the Year'

(words: milo)

By appearance alone, it's 'fish-in-a-barrel' to call them mad scientists. At any moment, on stage, in the middle of their torrential freak-rock sets, you'd expect any of these five fuzzy commotion-ers to just flip out, and start cackling. Sure, they look the part, with their increasingly frazzled beards and tour-worn sunken eyes, but let us qualify this term "mad…" Most times, the "mad" scientist the townsfolk cast out is actually a misunderstood genius, ceaselessly devoted to saving mankind and galvanizing new paths for society (and fellow inventors). Or, they really are mad, and hell-bent on world domination (or destruction). Which side is Child Bite? Well, if we're talking about on-record, or on-stage, then it might vary from song to song.

Gold Thriller

But we mean creation! Child Bite take an already diced and baffling angle toward pop, balancing it with healthy doses of grungy metal grimaces and tribal art-punk break-apart-the-basement berserker bursts. But they never say, "cool, we're weird enough, let's stop there…" They make it weirder, noisier! Or, they make it softer, sweeter – with more disarmingly beautiful melodies swimming in the murk. There's never a formula – never a 'let's get weirder' or 'let's get smoother' discussion – mostly just a 'let's get somewhere else' discussion, while utilizing the exceptional talents of each of the five members to forge stalwart chemistry. They are constantly searching for the electrifying, inspiring intersection of their individual energies. Meticulous and always self-analyzing (to a pain on themselves), they may seem tumbled out and chaotic on stage, and oft on record – but they are devoted, diligent experimenters at heart.

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