Friday, January 16, 2009

Local music at the Ferndale Public Library

Now, consider the Ferndale Public Library a beacon of support for local music - and an opportunity for up-and-coming bands to be heard. The once dusty, computer-less joint at 222 E. 9-mile in Ferndale has gotten serious over the past 3 years - rearranging its sections, beefing up its collections and now, it's being revitalized by some young, hip, ear-to-the-ground-n'-finger-on-the-pulse librarians who, it doesn't hurt,--like to hit up lots of shows on weekends...

...Thus they've come across bands like The Dirtbombs, The Oscillating Fan Club and Terrible Twos - all of which you can find recent recordings of in the library - ready to be checked out. (Indicated by a Local Artist sticker - and you can check it out for 2 weeks - no charge!)
Kelly Bennett, one of the Library’s Circulation Specialists, began contacting local record labels and placing orders. “They all seemed amenable to the idea of us circulating their CDs for free, which kind of surprised me,” said Ms. Bennett.

a great way for the library to reach out into the music community and meet local musicians,” said Doug Raber, the Library Director, “Eventually, we hope to hold live performances in the building, bringing another dimension to our support of local music”. The Library did this once, at last fall’s DIY Fest, when Molly Jean played in their meeting room as part of a program of events.

The Library also invites patrons, bands and music fans to suggest or donate CDs by local artists.

Other bands featured at the library:
Chris Bathgate's A Cork Tale Wake
Great Lakes Myth Society's
Compass Rose Bouquet

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