Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sound of Silver talk to me: New music from Silverghost and Silverclub

While The Golden Filter are poised to drop plenty of nuggets in 2009, there are a couple bands dipped in that Ag alloy that could get your chemistry professor busting a move. Okay, moving on from the Periodic Table...

Detroit music fans should be familiar with Silverghost by now. But fer ya goddamn furrners and those living under a rock: Do you like The B-52's? Well add that with ex-Von Bondie Marcie Bolen looking ultra cool while splattering some fuzzy chords and her equally adorable boyfriend, Deleano Acevedo, singing along and making neato buzzes with his synthesizer. Detroit's Sonny & Cher are releasing a new 4-track EP, The Equine Lips (horse lips) on February 4. It's tremendously catchy and crafty and sure to be a front runner for favorite EP of the year. You can listen to the whole thing here and download "Electric Shapes."

Bonus cut - "Whatever happened to the Gentlemen"

Next up is Silverclub, a Manchester trio who might as well been manufactured by Tony Wilson's Factory. Sounding like New Order playing The Haçienda in 1992, they pump out a thumping dose of neon glazed euphoria on "Crash This Car." While they prop themselves up with those ubiquitous Peter Hook riffs, the native Silverclub comes off a bit more authentic than Australian tourists like Cut Copy and The Midnight Juggernauts. Plus, they got a thin film of grit on their grooves à la The Kills. Their EP, Crash This Car, is available now.

Listen to "Answers"

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