Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prayers for Bobby...Er..Wax Museums

Hi, I'm just a guy. I was asked by a couple of guys who happen to be my friends to contribute to this blog. You'll know me. I like things short and sweet. This is something I did awhile ago on a band I dig, The Wax Museums. The interview and the band are the essence of my "short and sweet" man-tra. If you don't have the bands debut album on Douchemaster we probably shouldn't be friends. Go to the record store and buy it, you doofus. Then we'll be friends. I know it.


They say everything is bigger in Texas. I guess whoever coined that phrase wasn't talking about The Wax Museums from Denton. They are the anti-big. "Short, fast and stupid." That's the premise of each song the band writes. Just in the same vein of punk forefathers like Angry Samoans, GG Allin (Pre-Poo) and The Ramones, the WMs play punk rock the way it was meant to be. Yet, the guys aren't really stupid. It's just more fun to bop around to stupid jams with your stupid friends and drink some stupid beers than it is to pay attention to art rock. With that being said without further ado....Meet The Wax Museums....

Who is all in the Wax Museums and how did the band come about?
Paul sings, Daniel guitar, Payton bass, and Jason drums. The band started out when I wrote some songs with a drum machine and guitar on my computer and sent them to Paul, who lived 3 hours away, and he recorded vocals over them. When we decided to do a full band we asked Payton and Jason to play.

What was the band like when it first started and how has it changed since that? How did you arrive at the sound you are currently jamming right now?
All the songs during the drum machine era were usually written during the first take. Once Payton and Jason joined the songs got a little more complex, but obviously not very much. We now take about a minute to write a song, instead of the previous 30 seconds.

It's easy for "journalists" like myself to say what they think a band sounds like but I like to hear what groups think they sound like. Who do you think you take after and what are your primary influences?
Probably the Ramones and Devo. We typically play more straightforward punk, but with a bit of a weirder/dumber take on it. We get a lot of Urinals and Black Randy comparisons, and some geezer said we sound like Wire.

What are the complications or restraints that come from playing primitave songs? What is best thing about playing that way?
There aren't many restraints, its just easier to write catchy songs when its really simple and short. Also, we're not smart enough to remember a lot of parts, and we get really bored with long songs.

What other stuff do you guys want to do? You obviously have the recording side down pat and this big tour is coming up but what future plans do you have?
Write a lot of songs until we run out of ideas.

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