Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dirty Glove Discount: New Black Milk music video & free mixtape from Tree City

This is one of those deals where I planned on doing a post on some other music and then I stumbled upon something much more bodacious. Black Milk's sophomore album, Tronic, released last fall, was likely one of the year's best and for sure my top Detroit hip-hop album of the year.

His tag-team smack down with Royce Da 5'9", "Losing Out," was my favorite rap song of the year. Royce's flow was literally air-tight and Milk hijacked the sped-up soul sample steez and injected it with steroids and pummeling drums.

Now, there's a video, directed by Motown's own Hype Williams, Anthony Garth, whose been behind the lens for previous classics from Milk and The White Stripes.

Check out the video, courtesy of OnSmash/Nah Right:

And now for more Christopher Cross news. My favorite blogger in the history of bloggers, Byron Crawford, is a such a fan of Milk that he recently reviewed the mixtape Black Trees, which was put together by Ann Arbor's own Tree City.

Black Trees is a free mixtape based on the instrumentals that Black Milk put together for the give-away Music From The Color Purple beat tape, which was built on samples of vintage Prince.

Download Black Trees via Byron Crawford.

Tree City will be hitting the Blind Pig on 2/20 and P.J.'s Lager House on 3/25.

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