Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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---If you hadn't heard already heard or checked it out…

It'd be worth it to keep your eye (and ear) on this burgeoning label, Five Three Dial Tone - from the boys at Eat This City - who just released a 7" for Deastro, "Spritle"

--- Another up-and-coming label, Sleek Speek, will release Mick Bassett & The Martha's Scissors & Suckers EP, this Saturday at the Magic Bag. more info: -- Sleek Speek will also be a label home and/or release-outlet for The JSB Squad and, potentially, The Satin Peaches.

--- Millions of Brazilians also release an EP this Saturday at the Pike Room (Pontiac), on, once-again, another new label, Baby Moses records.

random other stuff:

Benefit for the CAID - this Friday:

featuring DJs, dancing, videos and more – (DJs R-O-Z & Lo-fi Bri will be spinning till 2)

$5 for a wrist-band – gains entry to both hosting venues:

at the Belmont

and the Trowbridge Coffee House
More info at: ;

Message from CAID Director Aaron Timlin:

"Confucius once said, "Don't grieve when people fail to recognize your ability. Grieve when you fail to recognize theirs." This place has always recognized the creative ability of the children across the street, the DJ from Switzerland, the photographer from Japan, the dancer from San Francisco, the architect from Indiana, the rock band from Cleveland, the sculptor from Ann Arbor. With everyone's help it will continue to recognize the abilities of others. With everyone's help this house will remain a home for everyone to enjoy and to call their own…”


Swing over to Motorcityrocks for an interview with Michigan's own Scott Masson, of the recently-signed-to-Quack!Media's - Office

and - Stay Tuned for special Cutz coverage of the Metro Times Blowout 12

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