Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost TigerBeat Personality Quiz - featuring: The Word Play (presented by Elle)

D/C Contributor Elle (of Fonts fame and Detroit Riot fame) really got the boys of Detroit's Word Play to open up... Now, it's your chance to see which of the boys (bassist Brent, drummer Brandon, guitarist Ian or guitarist Kevin) you are most compatible with....

Which Word Play Dude Are You Most Compatible With?

What is your favorite color?

A) Green

B) Black, like your soul

C) Blue

D) Earth tones

E) Purple

What is your favorite band?

A) Suicide Machines

B) Phil Collins

C) Crass

D) The Kinks

E) The Word Play

What is your favorite food?

A) Thai food

B) Pizza, eaten six to seven days a week

C) Mustard

D) Honey mustard… chicken… hummus sandwiches

E) Everything gives me heartburn now, I am old.

What kind of car do you like the most?

A) 1995 GMC van

B) Ford Fusion, black, like my soul

C) One with a 6 CD changer, Black leather seats, spoiler, really big speakers

D) Volkswagon

Describe your perfect date:

A) A good conversation, beer, and a close bathroom

B) Marvin's Mechanical Museum, roll of quarters, a bottle of Rum

C) I want the guy to let me decide everything

D) Woody Allen movie… a bottle of wine

E) Going to see a Detroit Tigers game

What is your favorite pizza topping?

A) Pepperoni from The Green Lantern

B) Pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage

C) Crushed red peppers

D) Onions… banana peppers… black olives…


Which pick up line would you most likely respond to?

A) Are your pants mirrors? Because I can see myself in them.

B) Hey! Don't eat that, it will make your boobs huge! Oh wait, they already are.

C) Where did you get your shoes? How much did they cost?

D) How was your art show?

E) I'm married, I'm not interested in you. Leave me alone.

What is your favorite movie?

A) Wristcutters: a Love Story

B) Repo Man

C) Irish Jam

D) Pineapple Express

E) Arachnaphobia


Zach said...

I got Ian. Weird. Also, when did Jeff Daniels join the band? OK. Thanks.

thomas matich said...

Brandon, the drummer. Which one is he? Drummer are usually hottt.