Friday, March 2, 2012

Legendary...Pupils...Beehive.... & the Unfaithfuls


Legendary Creatures
Listen: Legendary Creatures - "We Are The Ones"

The bands listed above have one thing in common...well, maybe two things, actually - but the most obvious is a shared member/musician - that being the disarmingly dulcite-voiced blonde bassist/guitarist, Matt Luke

We're in the throes of Blowout-week, so everything is inevitably referred to in terms of if they're playing it or when they're playing it -or when they've played...

Legendary Creatures, the re-inventors of Americana by way of a strange jangly ambient blend of electro-and-folk styles, played the Blowout just last night - inside the dim clatter of Paychecks. Legendary Creatures recently added Niklaus Landstrom (the spindly, shredding guitarist from Phantom Cats) on synthesizer, allowing Nathaniel Burgundy to move from that instrumental position back to bass (the instrument he started his Legendary journey on...).

*The Legendary Creatures are headed into Beehive studios next week to lay down 3 songs for a forthcoming Beehive Recoridng Co. digi-EP release.

Luke: "We're super-excited about that because our sound has changed considerably since the Bonfires EP last year; we're eager to have something tangible, then, to reflect that."
YesRock quartet Pupils, in which Luke plays a mean, grooving bass, will be playing The Blowout tonight - 12:40 pm - @ Mars Bar, Hamtramck.

Pupils has their proper debut Not Another Boring Bone Avenue Evening (an EP on 7" vinyl) coming out March 24th at the Old Miami - with Phantom Cats and Growwing Pains.

Both of these groups plan on touring, Luke said.

Luke: I'm gonna tell you my favorite memory from Blowout:
--It was two years ago, The 13th Blowout, and Black Lodge was scheduled to play the Gates of Columbus Lounge at like 11:30 or something.

Our then new manager, Ryan and I decided to take the Night Move shuttle before the show to catch Bloodbird play at Bakers.

Of course when we got there we ran into a bunch of friends and at some point I realized we had lost track of time and Black Lodge was scheduled to play in 10 minutes and the venue was a mile away! Ryan and I ran north down Josef Campau and continued east down Caniff in desperate hopes of finding a Night Move en route to G of C.

Nothing!  I checked the time: three minutes to showtime!

I was panicked and cursing at Ryan for allowing this to happen, for "managing" to get us into this mess. At the corner of Caniff and Conant I spotted my friend (John Spurrier) Spurzo getting into his car. I flagged him down and he managed to get us there literally right when we were supposed to go on. Ryan and I pushed our way through the crowd, I got onstage, grabbed my bass and Black Lodge immediately proceeded to play what would be our best show to that date...

This writer was at that show... and can validate the concluding sentence of that anecdote.

Another band that is performing tonight (whom, this writer can thank Luke for bending-my-ear-towards) is Heartbreak Dallas & the Unfaithfuls - 9:20 pm @ Kelly's Bar, Hamtramck

Heartbreak Dallas & the Unfaithfuls


One more thing about tonight's proceedings, since I mentioned Beehive Recording up there^ - the online Detroit music label is hosting their own showcase this evening (3/2) at the Polish National Alliance Hall / Lounge: Skinny Wrists / Growwing Pains / Bad Party / Sros Lords / esQuire / The Mythics / The Blackman / Body Holographic / Kenny Tudrick / Duane The Teenage Weirdo

And if I can say one thing about Blowout last night - it would, inevitably and predictably, be:

There was fire in them-thar -dead-fish-eyes...

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