Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monomania 3.30.12

A year ago (almost to the day) I stood out on the puddled curb of Michigan avenue (it had rained that morning, but, then again, it was St. Patrick's Day... was some beer mixed in? Inevitably...vomit?)...and laughed as Child Bite posed in front of leering police officers in their squad cars, slinking by while a consortium of authentically-costumed Star Wars characters triumphantly marched nearby... Read the Interview and see photos by Amy Palomar -here.

They were just wrapping up the last mixes at Christopher Koltay's High Bias studios for a handful of songs that are finally seeing the light of day - via their 10" vinyl Monomania (out March 30th).

Take a listen:
Child Bite: "Smear Where The Face Was..."

Now... Victorian-era psychiatrists employed the term "Monomania" for diagnosing patients with what seemed to be a "single pathological preoccupation in an otherwise sound mind."

One listen to the first track of this latest release (particularly with headphones) and you'll feel as though you're (gleefully) losing your mind...such a knotty swirl of feedback and cracked-half-laughed/half-howled guttural vocals... But that's not a streamable track, here, sorry... You'll have to seek out the full release...
...will be on hand, physically, at Child Bite's release show:
March 30th
Old Miami - Detroit

 No hope for audible conversation - show up, have a sip, bang your head, grab some vinyl - it should be an awkwardly hunched, yet invigorating blender of cacophony...

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