Friday, March 9, 2012

Twos, Cats, Houses, Jones

Terrible Twos - Detroit's new-punk vanguard gives you all the tricky, limited edition tracks they dropped here and there over the last five years (plus a couple no one, if just a few, have ever heard) -via Gold Tapes.

Meanwhile, eclectic/operatic indie-pop reconstructionists The Phantom Cats are making some subtly noble moves (at least judged by scenester politics) by taking the spotlight and casting it out to the suburbs. Next Friday they invite a bunch of bands from the burbs to come pour their sonic hearts out upon the stage at the Magic Stick Lounge. Maybe the regulars aren't In with these bands, but at the same time - anyone going to this show can't be complaining about seeing the same old bands circulate throughout the regular stages/bars. 
Get acquainted:
Two bands from Romeo-- Wolfe and Teto In The Bounce House along with:
Seven Birds One Stone from Rochester 
and- Photo Shoots by Dillon B. Photography - and Face Painting by specialist Heather Sejnow...
and of course - the Cats...
Sounds zany and zesty - and not the same ol same ol...

 And then...
a few inspiring/intriguing local kickstarters for your consideration:

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