Thursday, November 3, 2016

Raven Love & the 27's

Raven Love & The 27's
Release Party for latest album: ShamelessSaturday
@ PJ's Lager House
with Eleanora, Two Cheers, and The Tom Toms
 Raven Love & The 27's

Photo by Brian Edwards

Sweet, smooth, psychedelic soul, minimalist mood music and spacey indie-pop... Raven Love & The 27's have a melodic and intimate composite of cool, starry-sky swooners and gritter rock gliders. The arrangements give so much space to breathe, especially on a song like "Wine Red," where guitars vine and thread their surfy tones over a measured and mellow rhythm, while the vocals, like a candle, soak up the surplus oxygen growing warmer, brighter.

What I dig about The 27's are their subtlety; the  musicality is audibly there, but there's this tasteful dedication in every phrase, part or run that's rendered with careful intention, to serve the song. The guitar and vocal melodies often tango in a transfixing slow dance while the rhythm section slides from a tight jazz strut to a more primal rock slam.

Music for the mellow evenings, music for the cool blue spotlight of a classy club, music that can be as cerebral and as chic as trip-hop or as endearing and poetic as folk, yet rendered as a slick, spare rock quartet. And I do mean quartet--like a chamber quartet grasping guitars instead of violas--the chemistry between the four players, here, is palpable in each tune. I can definitely hear the connections to a group like Eleanora! I can't wait to see this lineup, live this weekend...! 

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