Monday, November 21, 2016

Six and the Sevens

Six and The Sevens – It Has To Be That Way

Six and The Sevens are a Detroit-based quintet that I used to just think of as that beacon of pure rock 'n' roll... Like a canister of vitamins, it just had everything you needed; driving guitars, snarl/croon/shout vocals, slamming drums and just the right amount of fuzzed-out curtaining and soulful bursts from auxiliary components. I used to think it was the next healthy strain of garage rock, evolving. 

But all six tracks on their latest EP merge in and out of distinct style lanes, switching up tempos, altering instrumental landscapes and mixing up moods...  From the second this EP kicks off, you feel like you’re flying… driving, running, moving, pure power pop with a bit of refreshing grease and grit, this local quintet have some dangerously enticing guitar hooks, classic garage-rock bluster, but sweetened with an earnest baring of hearts on sleeves. 

Some songs feel like 80’s underground-indie (“Nothing To Say”), others like throwback 60’s pop (“You Belong To  Me”), while others trudge some tremendous blues & funk onto the dancefloor (“Go, Go, Go”). And then “By My Side” is full on tsunami of soulful rock, packed with such a full sounding production by Zach Shipps (with a handful of songs also recorded with Jim Diamond). 

So this release party on Wednesday night is not just another rambunctious rendezvous for your pre-Thanksgiving ya-ya's... It's also the fifth anniversary for the band. 

Wed @ Cadieux Cafe
(4300 Cadieux Rd)
with The Messenger Birds  and many more special guests
More info

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