Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Werewolves Album Release - Feb 2nd

Werewolves combine the menace of metal and the aggressive dynamics of post-punk, but never sacrifice a groove. Not that this is groovy music, per se, above all else it's gritty and guttural first, but there is always an undeniable hook, something like the rhythmic rollick of a rickety boat down some unforgiving rapids. The Stooges had this down when they threaded a steady ballad around that one riff for "Wanna Be Your Dog...," and it's similar with this Flint ensemble's new one "Places To Die."

Yes, it's not exactly a sunny-listen shining in the major key, but something about it trances you in you suddenly start deciphering the emotional language of intense/half-screaming vocalizations. To be a werewolf, anyhow, is to be in a state of surrender to the ferocities inside you that want to come out... Thus...we have a new batch of songs coming out that fit that aesthetic.

There's nuance amid the sturm and drang, like when "Seen Mine Light" brings in a bit of slick 70's rock riffs to open it up, albeit sped up to a tempo of near-terminal velocity. The bass gets your legs loose, the downbeat makes you leave your feet, the guitar riffs unlock your shoulders, and the vocals, again, tap into that wild abandon...because even if this is heavy, fast, or intense, it still taps into what rock n roll should be all about...detachment, and a bit of permissible destructiveness.

Werewolves are at Small's Bar on Saturday, Feb 2nd, for the release of their latest: Path

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