Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Came From Detroit - Wednesday / Thursday - at the Magic Bag - Ferndale


This Wednesday and Thursday – at the Magic Bag in Ferndale – see the finalized version of It Came From Detroit. The expansive documentary culls dozens of interviews from the prime players of the so-called garage explosion – and thus the energizing of a new "scene" from 1998 through 2003. It also analyzes of the world’s fickle on-again-off-again-yet-always-intrigued-by…relationship with the city of Detroit, as well as features the unique blue-collar lifestyle of its artists and musicians.
Director James R. Petix and Producer Sarah Babila debuted the film in 2006 – and have since taken it worldwide to numerous film festivals.

See the final version this week – and read an interview HERE – from Motorcityrocks.com
(as well as see a clip from Petix’s other work: Tokyo Below)

More info at: itcamefromdetroit.com/


It Came From Detroit Official Trailer (New) from James R Petix on Vimeo.

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