Monday, May 4, 2009

Shows coming in May: The Horrors; Peaches; Holy Fuck! Mega Fauna; The Kills; And more!

Where to begin? It’ll be a busy month o' May, comrades. I’ve broken a couple of chairs and shouted at impassive glowing screens over the fact that I’ll be out of town this week – specifically for events like The Satin Peaches, May 8 at the Crofoot with JSB Squad, Mick Bassett & The Marthas and Gigantic Hand. Not to mention Vivian Girls, Crystal Antlers, Lee Marvin Computer Arm and Gardens – May 7 at the Crofoot.


But then, wouldn’t ya know it – a veritable orgy for posturing mostly-black-clad indie/artsy-slightly-punksy types who dig on lots of hypnotically acerbic reverb, wavy bass grooves, hard slammed hollow drum beats and an overall smoky-dancey-sexy pop vibe – dig on UK psych/shoegaze/dream-pop sensations The Horrors pairing up with noise-pop-sex-pots The Kills, May 8th at the Magic Stick. The Horrors just put out their fine Primary Colours LP on XL – making damn fine electro-atmospheric dance pop with an undeniable psych-noise-buzzsaw edge – something like the middle ground of Interpol and Radiohead that could potentially draw in those cool-hairdo-fans of The Killers.

What a week…holy fucking shitballs (as George Carlin would say…)

A couple weeks later, on May 20 – Austin Texas’ Megafauna drives up for a more intimate setting (The Lager House) that will feature locals like The Electric Lions and a brand new blues-inflected, Detroit-friendly (in sound and influence) rock band from Nashville, Redeye Raccoon. Check out Megafauna (here) and dig a track like “Fun at the Apocalypse,” which aptly captures their hard-driving math-rock meets erratic avant-garde indie-rock deconstructionists sensibilities, sets a great groove and loves to bend those solos into noise-pop glory, with hard-hitting rhythms. (They’ll also be in Lansing a day earlier, 5/19, Basement 414, for my fellow Spartans).

On May 21, the intrepid Peaches (Merrill Nisker), renowned for her raw naughty noodling rap style and hard-pounding fuzzy beats, is touring around her latest release I Feel Cream(XL) – Touted to be a much more pop-leaning album for the punk-inflected Peaches, Cream amps up the production, lays on more dreamy fuzzy layers and infects more melody over her characteristic ballistic beats. Peaches plays The Majestic Theatre on May 21.

Peaches - "Talk To Me"


Spasitc popsters and cosmic math-rocky/krautrocky warblers, Holy Fuck, will continue their restless touring. Which is for the best, because they probably want fans of their whirling, shambolic, electro-tinged onslaughts to get a taste of songs from their upcoming album (potentially due out this fall). Not that I want to support this malignant inanity known as twitter, but—if you’re interested, you can follow this fine band on it…if you type it:

You can see Holy Fuck ‘round these parts, on May 29 at the Magic Stick .

Holy Fuck - "Jungles"

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