Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Revolution will not be twittered: Dan Deacon, Future Islands, Teeth Mountain, Genders, Child Bite, Marco Polio & The New Vaccines – 5 / 9 – CAID

At Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit~

Elfish synth-surged pied-piper Dan Deacon, renowned throughout the indie-world for his style of "Devo-meets-Rave-party-as-refracted-through-a-classically-trained-mind-and-a-big-heart" comes to the CAID May 9 - with fellow Baltimore-based bands: weirdo electro-dance pop Future Islands (a trio who bring in the post-punk sheen and the new-wave shimmy) and Teeth Mountain, a psychedelic drum-circle-recalling tribal/raw/rhythm-driven noise-pop collective. As though this touring trio wasn’t enough, some similarly situated Detroit-based bands are doubling the line up – essentially guaranteeing that even if you see only half the show – you’re mind will still be either melted…or blown…or…expanded…man. The line up also features noise-pop/indie-metal quartet Child Bite, the drone-driven art-punk of Genders, and the often danceable and easily-distant-cousin-by-way-of-alternate-dimensions of Deacon’s style – Marco Polio & The New Vaccines (a d.cutz fav)

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