Thursday, July 23, 2009

The High Strung - CD Release Show 7/24 at Berkley Front

with Matt Jones and The Wrong Numbers

Josh Malerman and I bond over whiskey and we get tangential. We rant about writing, women and tarantulas. We spend just four hours together in two different breweries, but by the time the fifth cigarette is stubbed, we’re both nodding slowly at each other with newer eyes. We skim the looking-yourself-in-the-mirror cliche and we posit the possibility that someone in a small town in Kansas will give a shit about you. We think about everyone else trying to make it and we dissect the need, or search, for approval or vindication, ( in any artistic pursuit); for being popular but having integrity, being artists, but being bankable.

The High Strung singer/guitarist, scrutinizes possible effects of enlivening the band’s characteristic sound for their latest record, Ode to the Inverse of the Dude (out now on Park the Van) - from soulful, whirly indie-rock to a more avant-pop sort of prog-rock with dressy production. The Detroit-based trio, Malerman, with drummer Derek Berk, and bassist Chad Stocker, have known each other since before they could drive, growing up in West Bloomfield.

After eight years of life on the road, more than 1600 shows and now, their four full lenght album, Malerman only shrugs, "Let’s keep going."

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or more info:
(CD Release show, 7/24 at Berkley Front (doubling as Malerman's birthday party))

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