Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Theatre Bizarre - Squared Circle Revue (8/1 and 8/2) + Stolen Media V (8/7 and 8/8)

The entry into August becomes Theatre Bizarre's incomparable summer blowout -
with TWO individual TWO-day festivals...on the first TWO weekends of the month.


The first - Squared Circle Revue - August 1 and August 2


Starting in the mad, mutated, spontanaety usually held with events at Theatre Bizarre (namely it's Halloween Party), but extending it even further into the realms of a damned three-ring circus - a "Music / Magic / Burlesque / Wrestling - Carnival!" - This event features "human oddity" Glenda The Bearded Lady, the "amazing strength" of Gunther T. Strongman, the "death-defying dives of" The Flying Gambinos, the magic of Scarboni the Great, Pogo the One Legged Boy, and...the "pie to the face-attack" of Clowntown (the latter being described to me by performing musician Drew Bardo as "an army of clowns that cause trouble wherever they go...")

The zany odyssey is brought to you by Thomas Foolery (either alias or conjured contact of Casey Miller, a close ally to Theatre Bizarre, whose been putting on wrestling-themed/musical gatherings for a few years now). The main event (wrestling-wise) is the "Zodiac Battle Royal" between Snake and Cat. (more info:

Along with fire jugglers and sword swallowers - there will also be the burlesque dance enchantment of Roxi DeLite - and, travling up from Mexico - Polka Madre - there's also Miss Chantel and Haley Jane and still more

Doors are at 9pm
visit their myspace for more info

Bands include:
The Terrible Twos / The Glass Orphans (originating as house band for Theatre Bizarre's production of "Wonderland") / The Gepetto Files / Downtown Brown / The Casket Bastards / The Amino Acids / The Questions

and more... - with a promised surprise of freakifying proportions
$10 for one night - $15 for both!

(pictured: The Glass Orphans)



The next weekend - August 7 and August 8 - the Fifth Stolen Media Festival (V) - filmmaker Jason McCombs creates a mash-up of contemporary video culture - and invites hundreds of friends and interested parties to come join in the visual viscera. This film and music festival took the last couple years off, but is back in full force - with hours of film-art featured between a line up of a dozen bands!

Friday night features "The Best of Stolen Media" along with bands: HafLife / Sultry Surfers of the Apocalypse / The Rue Moor Counts / The Beggars / and a Surprise Guest (!?!)

Saturday night features the proper "Stolen Media V" along with bands: The Electric Fire Babies / The Potions / Silverghost / The Questions / Gardens / Friends of Dennis Wilson / and The Electric Lions

$10 per show $15 for the weekend

(Silverghost - featured - photo by Trever Long)

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