Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos: Blue Moon In June (and, some Deastro)

Lots of photo-recon to catch up on...
Last week's ill-advised essence-burning tear through the city, with what felt like a different show every night - wound up on Sunday night with Deastro performing for Jay (from fivethreedialtone / Eat This City)'s birthday...
To honor his friend, singer Randolph Chabot donned a striking purple graduate gown.

Then, we move on to the always epic-in-scope but often spilled-out-bbq-vibe-in-layout - BLUE MOON IN JUNE festival - with donations going toward the Hugh Timlin Foundation - The 2-day 20 band event celebrated its third year, with as many in a row at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit. I think once you've made it past your third year, you can consider yourself a tradition, something solid, an institution, a beacon to look to..., ah but I get away from myself. Hopefully Blue Moon is around to stay - because whenever I try whittling out some overly philosophic screed of what-it-all-means, this swath of the ravenous and the rollicking, the synched-in and the un-hinged, the expression and the sharing, the body-heat and the summery intoxication...I can only come back to the one conclusion--that it's a beautiful celebration of all the selfless crazies in this town with so much devotion stored up in their hearts and a love for music bursting from their pores - bands bands bands... and a coming-together of all these souls.
We're all in... ~

I missed the first night, but DC Photog Mike Milo was able to catch some of the acts from Friday - including High Speed Dubbing and Electric Fire Babies. Also Troy Gregory & The Stepsisters, SSM, Johnny Ill Band, Isles of ESP, Pigeon and Olivia Mancini & The Mates.

Saturday's line up included: Sik-Sik Nation, Heavy Times, Motor City Midwives, Grande Nationals, Pinkeye (rendition of "War" into "Billie Jean"), Oblisk, Bars of Gold, and Silverghost - (Saturdays pics by both Mike, and myself).

thanks for reading...