Monday, May 23, 2011

Damon & Naomi (Galaxie 500) mark silver anniversary at Pike Room

Oh, that heavenly haunted, fogged and fuzz-fired blend of gothic space folk...

Damon & Naomi (preserving the dreamy/dreary-delight/fright of Galaxie 500) are celebrating their 25th year of performing together, via a tour that brings them to the Pike Room (in Pontiac) on May 26th. They've also released their first album in four years - False Beats and True Hearts (20/20/20) - a sampling of which streams below.

Ghost's Michio Kurihara adds his elegant guitars to Naomi's recently rediscovered passion for the piano on this characteristically introspective sonic trip.

Have a listen:
Damon & Naomi - "Walking Backwards"

Chicago-based Dead Rider, who are currently out supporting their fine Raw Dents LP, will open things up.

Again, have a listen
Dead Rider - "Mother's Meat"

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