Monday, May 9, 2011

Gardens - Gardens

I always dug that special sort of twang characteristic to a Gardens song... There was a tinny shimmering guitar melodiously screaming a steady strum through the whole clattering, distortion-heavy affair.

Howling...with a groove.

One wasn't sure if this was the new psychedelic punk or the new lo-fi pop or some transmogrified sort of garage blues...

Whatever it is, it's Detroit's commendable answer to similar rollickin', gracefully-grimed rock n roll tumblers such as Black Lips or Times New Viking or Thee Oh Sees... Fire, fuzz, but a balanced kind of blown-out-ness so as not to ever lose the melody.

And now...they've got a proper full length debut, bolstered by the board work of Chris Koltay (one renowned for his recent work on the surreal/super-charged Akron/Family album). Gardens is out, May 10 - on Alive Naturalsound Records.

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