Thursday, April 12, 2018

Charming Disaster - April Showers Tour (@ PJs Lager House)

Charming Disaster photo by Sunrise Alexis Winburn

Charming Disaster could be to folk-rock what Detroit's ADULT. is to techno. Two dynamic personalities with an unmatched chemistry, harmoniously putting their talents to reinventing and reinvigorating a genre, all the while conjuring a dynamic theatricality and lush arrangements with just two voices, two hearts, two brains and four arms.

This Brooklyn-based duo make the sinister sound so sweet, and bring a signature kind of glamour to a cool kind of gloom-pop. Fans of the hit sci-fi podcast Welcome To Night Vale would have heard Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris' paranormal love song "Ghost Story" featured as a complimentary serenade to those humorous/horror serial episodes.

Charming Disaster released Cautionary Tales last Spring, an enchanting composite of gothic Americana, a cross-up of old-world string-band and vaudevillian pizazz with a murkier murder-ballad rock haunting. Using pianos and strings, ukulele and gutiar, foot percussion and finely-spun vocal melodies full of emotion and narrative melodrama, they cast a spell akin to the quirky macabre motifs of Edward Gorey or Tim Burton, and splash in a bit of hard-boiled noir ambiance.

But there is a wink and a kick and a bit of a playful twirl to their ghoulish waltzes, with their dreamy vocal harmonies particularly adding an enticing reverie to their baroque-adorned rock.

Charming Disaster are touring in to town on Thurs., April 19 They'll be at PJs Lager House with three of my favorite Detroit-area musical experiences..... First, there's Ypsi's Little Traps, a banjo/guitar/pedal-steel ensemble that mixes the sunniest kind of indie-pop with an authentic Americana/country-rustled warble. Then there's Kate Hinote Americana/blues balladeer Kate Hinote, and the mesmerizing harmonists and folk stylists comprising Kubat, Finlay & Rose.

Charming DisasterApril 19PJs Lager Housewith Little Traps, Kate Hinote, and Kubat/Finlay & RoseMORE INFO

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