Sunday, April 26, 2009

Charlene Kaye - 4 / 28 - The Ark (Ann Arbor)

(photo: Chanel Von Habsburg)

Charlene Kaye, Ann Arbor-based baroque pop songstress, has formed a full band for live interpretations of her debut full-length, Things I Will Need in the Past. Listen on myspace.

The Ark in Ann Arbor, often a folk-focal joint, is featuring Free shows on Tuesdays, attractively titled "Take a Chance" Tuesdays. Kaye plays with a line up that includes: (James Hart - bass/mandolin, Emily Haltom - violin/cello, Jared Saltiel - guitar/drums, Dave Koenig - upright bass, Miguel Mcquade - drums, Woody Goss - wurlitzer, Kiana Weber - violin)

For the wavering whimsy and crashing crescendos of strings, pianos, driving percussion and Kaye's sweet yet soulful voice, there's no better place to start than "Magnolia Wine." See the video here: (Directed by Liann Kaye)

Tuesday night - Ann Arbor - at the Ark
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