Wednesday, April 8, 2009

May 11 - DC Revue - Belmont

Deep Cutz
by Jeff Milo | photo by Mike Milo

Deep Cutz is hosting its own sonic revue, featuring three great local bands from the genres of electro/dance, surf/psyche and indie/experimental. The Electric Fire Babies are a hybrid of funk, noise, punk, booty-rap and space-disco, currently finishing up work on their debut EP. The Oscillating Fan Club are getting tighter by the week, in live performance and chemistry, with impeccable covers and new material for a future full-length. The new band on the scene, Bars of Gold (pictured), features the members of Wildcatting with the former singer of Bear Vs. Shark. The show, Saturday, April 11 at the Belmont, also features special guests DJ Deastro and DJ Carjack.

“I can say that Wildcatting as a band/project is far from finished. It’s just the band itself is the four (with Scott Iulianelli, Ben Audette, Nick Jones) of us creating music, so if you add an additional person (Marc Paffi), especially someone brimming with his own ideas like Marc, it changes the dynamic of the band significantly. Bars of Gold is where our head-space has been the last few months" said Wildcatting/Bars of Gold drummer and former Bear Vs. Shark member, Brandon Moss. Hope to see you there on April 11 at the Belmont. | RDW;;

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