Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ghost - May 6 - Crofoot

(Masaki Batoh)

Japanese psyche-rock mystics, Ghost - a collective of musicians centered around singer/guitarist Masaki Batoh - play the Crofoot on Wednesday 5 / 6. Formed in 1984, the band strikes a nomadic hippie commune vibe, with a worldly wanderlust that supposedly led them to live on the ruins of Buddhist temples and in the shadowy urban dungeons of run down subways. Reference points include the best of 60's lavalamp hallucinogens like Jefferson Airplane or Velvet Underground, mixed in with the more sparse-and-spooked out dreamy-disertations of krautrock ala Can.

Releasing material through the 1990's on Drag City (highlighting said-label's wonderful ability for cultivating hidden treasures from the various undergrounds of the world) Ghost brings their tribal-rhythms, psychedelic whirlings, intricate guitar styling and transfixing vocal spells to the Pike Room.

(photo by: Minoru Tsuyuki)

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