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Album News: Discovery / Blitzen Trapper / These United States / The Veils / The Strange Boys

So...this writer didn't make it down to the Magic Stick last nite - you'll have to check the other channels for reviews. No word as of this pressing as to what it was like or how it went... word has it - that at least early on in the night, it wasn't every crowded - either not enough people knew about it or everyone was so dejected from the tragic results of the hockey game that they all shut themselves up inside their homes and downed ungodly concoctions of gin and vodka and Labatt Blue...

Album news:

- Discovery -
The set up could be potentially polarizing. Either you’ll be synched-in for a side project that giddily embraces an all-synth approach with an enthusiastic helping of hand-clap percussion, featuring Rostam from Vampire Weekend and Wes from Ra Ra Riot – or you’ll be turned off by the shimmer-n-buzz summer pop, worn down by 808 bass and whizzle-wee keyboard jamborees – Then again, just maybe, you’ll appreciate that these two members of two-heavily buzzed bands of 2008 are trying to form a commentary on pop music through the 1990’s.Well, in any case....

Discovery (as they're called) is putting out an LP called…eh… LP, on XL Recordings, July 7th.

Take a listen:

- Bllitzen Trapper -

Portland space-twang/noise-folk sextet Blitzen Trapper are heading back out on the road (dates here at their site:

Listen: - Gold For Bread

Then, later in the summer (August 25), the band releases the Black River Killer EP. Ripe with their usual earthy, animal, rustic themes, with a black river, a black rock and a black bird.
more info:

  1. Black River Killer
  2. Silver Moon
  3. Going Down
  4. Shoulder Full of You
  5. Preacher’s Sister’s Boy
  6. Black Rock
  7. Big Black Bird

Or, read more about the band through a Progress Report from Stereogum:

- These United States -
Hard rockin, Americana-lovin These United States have finished up their third album for a September 1st release – dig: Everything Touches Everything – the band is on tour this summer.

These United States – “Honor Amongst Thieves”

- Mount Eerie -

Phil Elverum listened to the wind for two years and wrote it all down. The Microphones frontman is bringing a new album for his Mount Eerie project – rapt with distortion, swimming synths, and lumbering bass moans – with lyrics culled from diligent viewing, living and being with nature, at the edge of the woods. If press releases are to be believed, the album is largely inspired and inflected by the spooky/cozy/melodramatic-supernaturalism of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Well sign me up… “a DAMN fine cup of coffee…” indeed.

Read more at:

- The Veils -

Atmosphero-dynamo-indie-rockers The Veils are touring through the summer in support of their latest Sun Gangs (Rough Trade)

Listen: Three Sisters

And read about them on NPR, if you like:

More info:

Sat, 7/25 - Pontiac MI - Pike Room @ the Crofoot*

- The Strange Boys -

The Strange Boys
are also touring around this summer, bringing their blend of beautiful banshee whines, grungy acoustic shreds, rousing beer-sopped stomping blend of punk and folk.

Listen: “Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up”
Video - "Woe is You and Me" -
more info: myspace

They come near Detroit a few times – if you get inspired for a road trip:

06.18.09 Thu Cleveland, OH Now That's Class
06.19.09 Fri Fort Wayne, IN Brass Rail
06.20.09 Sat Columbus, OH Cafe Bourbon St *
06.22.09 Mon Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen *

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