Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Qualia / Thunders - June 16 - Painted Lady

Every once in a while you need a mini-weekend, slap-dab in the middle of whatever shitty calendar week you're currently shuffling through, filing and electronically-mailing your daily duties and communique in some cream colored office with fluroescent lights and the constant hum of copiers and computers...

Why not get a wee bit of hot-blooded Saturday night vigor on a Wednesday, and simply celebrate the halfway point...you know, the humpday...or humpnight...

Go out and see some loud live music at the Painted Lady, a favored hole in the wall on Holbrook in Hamtramck - to see a still-yet-unhearalded member of Detroit's ever-present (if often still underground) psyche-scene, Qualia - all the stormy fuzz, hard pounds, atmospheric drugginess and space rock you'd need on such an unassuming night.

June 17 - Painted Lady - with Thunders -

Qualia Myspace

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