Monday, June 22, 2009

Embracing the Insanity of sleep deprivation


Saturday, June 20

I was only at the MI Music and Merch Swap for less than an hour - but it seemed like quite a quaint and (hopefully profitable, if not fun and at least) engaging, affair. Actually, a bit inspiring. The Loving Touch (the pool hall next door to the Woodward Avenue Brewery) looked like a make-shift record store - with about 9 or 10 different "outlets," be they local labels, bands, artists, or a public library, set up with their wares - which ranged from homemade buttons, to t-shirts, to posters, to CDs, to collectibles. It was sort of a combination of this sort of 'Hey-Brother' helping hand/mutual back-scratch for all us starving DIY-ers who are still striving to get by in this beleaguering entr'acte between apocalypses - and also, inevitably, a celebration of community - that all these big glassy eyed artists are all forging their own galaxies of creation and were, for a few hours, gathered together to subsequently bounce off each other. It was like the DIY-STREET-FAIR (from last September) only pared to the bone in terms of a statement, or prognosis upon the state of the creative community.

The Silent Giants' world class poster artwork, Freddy Fortune's fine collection of 45"s and B-Movies on DVD, No Fun Records decent selection of 80's and 90's punk, British indie and late 90's garage/surf revival, Sub Sprawl, GangPlank and X! Records doing their thangs...newcomers like Woodbridge Records, bands hanging out like Carjack, Friendly Foes, and Copper Theives (the latter containing John Nelson, who helped put this thing together) - and the Ferndale Public Library (who, thanks to Kelly Bennett is turning into one of the most adamant supporters of local music.)

Not sure what it all comes down to - but I think it should happen again.


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