Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Sea & Cake - 6 / 26 - Blind Pig (Ann Arbor) - with Child Bite

Chicago's preeminent post-rock, indie-jazz, space-pop collective, The Sea & Cake, sages of the American underground, humble as hell, ever industrious - after more than 15 years and ten albums, still going strong, and potentially, on their latest album, Car Alarm, at their best, or at least their most confident. Most alligned? Most delectable? Ah, who knows? Most of the converted (fans) have spouted similar remarks, consistently, throughout the band's career. Breezy, summery, weird-pop, jazz, funk, all flowing through glistening guitar tones that just faciliate this smooth driving pop.

And, always tight live -They play the Blind Pig, Friday Night - with Detroit's Child Bite.

Sea & Cake - "Car Alarm" (out now on Thrill Jockey)



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