Sunday, August 2, 2009

Photo Recon: SingleBarrelDetroit/Phonotropic Phest / Pigeon

You can probably catch a lot of recap from last Friday's (Crofoot-set) festival here:
I was just recounting to my fellow DJ Thomas Matich (with Mikel O.D., of the Sucker DJs) that I was muddling through a period where I wasn't sure what to make of the Detroit scene...Where are we at now? And, why does it even matter that we get all philosophic and qualify it?
What I can say for certain is that I feel very inspired by the energy of last Friday. Even if I don't know quite where to begin yet - so, in the meantime - here's some photo recon (courtesy of Mike Milo.......who spent much time in the Pike Room for Oblisk's CD Release - and hence missed Millions of Brazilians, Zoos of Berlin and many others...but, shit man, there was a lot goin' on!)


Friendly Foes

Friends of Dennis Wilson

Oscillating Fan Club



from the Woodward Avenue Brewery for Duende's tour launch party, shots of a new rock band at their third (or fourth?, fifth?) show ever - Pigeon

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