Monday, July 5, 2010

Live Local Music at the Ferndale Public Library - July 10

The Ferndale Public Library is (eventually) re-opening at it's original location, (likely in the mid-to-late summer). Having recently been souped up with impressive (and some much needed) renovations (thanks to a 1-mil tax hike graciously supported by voters back in 2007) the staff, teamed with the Friends of the Ferndale Library have organized an open house-esque celebration for the community to come see the stunning transformation.

Construction workers have torn down walls, raised roofs, planted soil on roofs, expanded to property a few thousand sq feet outwards in all directions and added a green-friendly irrigation system and geothermal heating and cooling system.

Plus, all the books, movies, newspapers, dvds, cds, audiobooks, magazines, encyclopedias you've come to expect from the classic romanticized library of old, in all it's Dickens and Fitzgeraldian musty glory - but bolstered now by new study rooms, a teen reading area, a new children's reading area and a new computer lab (which, goes without saying: new computers, too!)

The open house celebration is July 10 - from 12noon - 8pm at 222 East Nine Mile. Come. Revel. And enjoy. Enjoy the sights. Enjoy the staff (full disclosure, that includes me) and enjoy the music.

Repeat: Enjoy the music.

Live performances from local heroes:
The High Strung / The Pop Project / School of Rock / The Mydols / Pete Pelter & Paul Gaughan
+ Food and Children's Activities - and more.

Thank you for all your support and stay tuned - the library will be opening for regular service as soon as possible.
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